Industry: Information Technology and Services
Specialties: Sideline instant replay and Analytics
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Founded in 2015 by Tunch Akkaya and Elijah Wu, GameStrat is a cutting-edge sideline replay system that gives coaches and players the ability to review plays in real-time during practices and games. While initially focusing on developing a product suitable for competitive football teams, GameStrat has recently expanded their product to be compatible for reviews of basketball, volleyball, hockey and lacrosse.

Both former uOttawa Gee-Gee football players, Akkaya and Wu conceived GameStrat as an answer to the troubles their coaches were facing with existing instant sideline replay systems. Initially a capstone project for their undergraduate degrees, GameStrat has since expanded their network and now includes partnerships with pro and semi-pro sports teams all across North America.

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Industry: Delivery and Logistics Services
Specialties: Drone Manufacturing, Fleet Management
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Founded in 2020 by Zainab Badawi, Logan Rodie, Piers Hancock, Felipe Garcia-Salas Vidal, and Mohammad Abu-Shaaban.

Coming from the Simon Nehme Design Challenge, JAMZ takes to the air to develop a reliable network of autonomous drones to lower costs and increase coverage in rural areas, starting with one of the most impacted industries of the pandemic: restaurants and food providers.


Industry: Public Health, Environmental Monitoring
Specialties: Wastewater sampling and surveillance
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Founded in 2020 by Élisabeth Mercier and Patrick D'Aoust.

Advanced Environmental Molecular Analytics Ltd. employs leading research in wastewater analysis to provide critical epidemiological data points and virus detection to public health organizations.


Industry: VR Software, Health Care
Specialties: Children Learning Disorders, Rehabilitation
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Founded in 2017 by uOttawa PhD graduate Dr. Ahmad Al-Kabbany and current M.CS (Applied Artificial Intelligence) student Yahya Alaa.

VRapeutic is a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio software house, specializing in the development of rehabilitation and therapeutic solutions, with a focus on virtual reality for developmental and learning special abilities, including autism and ADHD. We design innovative VR experiences that incorporates bio-sensing and artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of therapy sessions. We empower therapists to deliver personalized content, using supervised sessions, and to track the impact of the therapy plan/program in light of the short-term and the long-term progress achieved by the users/children.


Industry: Information and Technology Services
Specialties: Travel and Experiences
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Founded in 2016 by Ali Kazal and Ismail Benmbarek, Wandure is a service that allows users to explore travel destinations through unique and personalised experiences. For solo travellers, Wandure also provides opportunities to connect with like-minded travel-buddies in their area.

Wandure functions primarily off their mobile app, where users can create and participate in unique events tailored to their particular interests. As well as featuring local businesses and experiences, they have already built an international network, featuring such destinations as Paris, Madrid, Honolulu, Lisbon, Boston, London and more.

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Industry: Retail
Specialties: eCommerce and eCommerce Analytics

Founded in 2017 by Kailin Noivo, Robert Boukine, Filip Slatinac and Dan Cardamore, Noibu is a digital platform that detects critical errors on e-commerce websites. Errors are immediately communicated to e-commerce managers, preventing loss of sales and clientele for retailers.

In the short two years since its establishment, Noibu has collaborated with such retailers as terra20, ça va de soi and magpie jewellery to create dynamic and secure 3D-VR online retail experiences.

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MakerLaunch provides University of Ottawa students and recent alumni entrepreneurs with the support necessary to fast track commercialization of technologies and launch new tech startups. Our program is designed to propel startups to success by surrounding them with the team, facilities and tools needed to launch and scale.

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