MakerLaunch surrounds startups with a support system of coaches and special advisors who are all industry experts.


MakerLaunch startups are paired with coaches for the duration of the program. Startups and coaches connect regularly throughout to ensure that milestones are met and surpassed.

Special Advisors:

MakerLaunch Special Advisors are available to support the unique needs of each startup for a short-term problem solving. Special Advisors are available to assist startups in different areas.


MakerLaunch provides University of Ottawa students and recent alumni entrepreneurs with the support necessary to fast track commercialization of technologies and launch new tech startups. Our program is designed to propel startups to success by surrounding them with the team, facilities and tools needed to launch and scale.

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Kyle Bournes
Alumni Relations Officer

Tel.: 613-562-5800 ext : 2545

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